Reasons why you should start investing in Scottrade?

16/04/2012 00:36

One of the most effective ways in searching for the best online discount broker is by comparing their pros and cons. And one way to find a detailed information with these pros and cons of a certain discount broker is by reading their reviews. Just like in the in the case of Scottrade, if you try to search and read some Scottrade reviews, you can find a lot of interesting facts about it and that cannot be found to other discount brokers. An example of this is recognitions given to them like getting into Forbes Top 100 List of Companies to work for in America. And another one is being ranked number one by J.D. Power & Associates in customer’s satisfaction eight time.

Other things that might catch your interest is that, Scottrade has also one of the cheapest trading options in industry, they only need $7 from your per trade and when it comes to your starting deposit, you are only required to give at least $500. Obviously, this amount is already the lowest among major brokers because if you compare it to TD Ameritrade or E* Kings, the former will require you at least $2000 and the former will need $1000. In addition, when you start your account, there are also features included to make your membership better. If you can’t provide the starting deposit, you can recruit two other persons and start a Join Brokerage Account. Other than this, Scottrade also offers their members accounts with a trust account or a business account. You can have the options to choose from these two. However, this benefit does not end there yet. There was also another retirement account that is available to employees and business owners. Therefore, if you want to invest, Scottrade must be your best choice to start.